We want all visitors and delegates to feel safe when they visit us, so we’re continuing with revised COVID-Secure measures.

How we are protecting our delegates

When you arrive in the Browns Health & Safety carpark, we ask you to stay in your vehicle until invited in, this helps us maintain
social distancing in reception.
All delegates and visitors are asked to complete a short questionnaire for test and trace purposes, and to check-in
using the NHS Covid-19 app if they are able to. The trainer will be vigilant to any delegates exhibiting signs of
respiratory infection, anyone showing signs will be asked to go home.
We ask all visitors, delegates and staff to wear a face covering (mask, scarf, visor etc.) when moving
around the building, unless in the training room where distancing can be maintained. We of course respect anyone unable to cover their nose and mouth.


  • On arrival all learners are given instructions in following government advice on social distancing and hand
  • Frequent hand washing and use of the alcohol wipes/hand sanitizer gel available is required throughout the
  • Delegates are issued with a pen, this is yours to use and keep.
  • Courses are limited to 8 so that tables can be spaced apart.
  • All internal doors will be left open on arrival, except for the toilet doors. Once the course starts we close the
    door to reception.
  • We carry out sanitising of the toilets, door handles and handrails regularly through the day.
  • Where appropriate windows are opened for added ventilation.
  • We do not currently provide lunch and so ask all delegates to bring in their own in a cool bag.
  • Tea and coffee-making facilities and individually-wrapped biscuits are available, we ask people just to make their own drink and ensure there is
    only one person at a time in the refreshment area. Sanitiser is available in the area and we ask you to use it prior
    to making your drink.
  • Dirty cups should be left on your table and not in the refreshment area.

What if I start to feel unwell during the course?

If you develop COVID-19 symptoms during a course we will ask you to go home and self-isolate in line with
government guidance. Other delegates and staff will be informed. We will ask all delegates at the end of their
course to tell us if they develop symptoms and our reporting measures allow us to identify anyone on the same
course to inform them.
Our visitor questionnaires are kept securely on-site for 21 days before being destroyed, in line with government
test and trace guidance.
If you have any queries or require any further information, please contact training@brownshealthandsafety.co.uk