Understanding the risk of a fire for your business is the first step to reducing the chances of it happening.

Businesses are required by law to ensure fire risk assessments are completed and kept up-to-date to ensure the chance of fire and damage is reduced.

What happens during a fire risk assessment?

We visit your business and look at the layout of the building(s) and work taking place.

Depending on the size of your premises, the assessment will take between 1–3 hours. Previous fire risk assessments, safety records and emergency procedures may also be read during the assessment.

Within a week of the assessment you will receive a written report, including recommendations, concerns or areas for improvement. The report can be used to help you and others understand the fire risk to your business, along with evacuation routes, fire alarms and signage.

Photographs will form part of the report so you know exactly what the assessor saw during their visit.

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