health and safety advice

Health & Safety Advice

Health & Safety Advice and Support

The core of our business is working with businesses of all shapes and sizes, giving health and safety advice and support.

What support is available?

Whether you need help with a particular one-off project or would like ongoing consultancy advice and support, we’ve got consultants on hand to work alongside you.

We can help with:

  • Health and safety audits
  • Health and safety policies and procedures
  • Risk assessments
  • Method statements
  • Training
  • COVID-Secure audits

What to expect from Browns

In order to get to know you we visit all potential clients to understand your business and how we can help.

You’ll have a dedicated consultant working closely with you, like a member of your team, to provide support. You’ll also have access to the knowledge and skills of our other consultants and trainers should you need it.

We don’t believe in offering packages, because all businesses have different needs. So when we meet you we’ll work with you to understand what you need and base our quotes on this. All documents are written for you by our qualified consultants.

Our 12-month contracts not only give you access to knowledge and skills, but a range of extras too:

  • Regular health and safety updates – we keep a close eye on changes to regulations and guidelines so we’ll share them with you
  • Training course discounts – keep yourself and staff up-to-date with 10% off training with us

Welcome Browns to your team

Simply drop us a message or email or give us a call on 01455 203 600 and we’ll be happy to arrange a meeting to introduce ourselves and talk through your health and safety needs.

Group of construction engineer working in construction site

Construction Support & Advice/CDM Management

Construction & CDM Management

Construction is one of the highest risk working environments.

To minimise the risks on site to employees, contractors and visitors, supervision, safe design, and training is essential. This is where Browns comes in.

We have been supporting the construction industry for more than two decades, and our consultants have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they can bring to support you with your project. As with other services, we provide a service tailored to meet your needs.

How we can help with CDM

Our specialist and experienced consultants provide advice and support for construction projects in line with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 – CDM.

We pride ourselves in being highly experienced in this area, working closely with design teams, clients and contractors to identify and reduce risk.

Working with Principal Contractors we can help with:

  • Acting as Principal Designer
  • Acting as CDM Advisor
  • Pre-construction phase plans
  • Construction phase plans
  • Health & Safety site information packs
  • Risk assessments and method statements

  • Training
  • Producing induction materials and toolbox talks
  • Assessing sub-contractors
  • Site inspections and audits
  • Scaffold inspections

Let us know how we can help with your project by emailing or calling 01455 203 613.

Fire extinguisher and hose reel in hotel corridor

Fire Risk Assessment

Understanding the risk of a fire for your business is the first step to reducing the chances of it happening.

Businesses are required by law to ensure fire risk assessments are completed and kept up-to-date to ensure the chance of fire and damage is reduced.

What happens during a fire risk assessment?

We visit your business and look at the layout of the building(s) and work taking place.

Depending on the size of your premises, the assessment will take between 1–3 hours. Previous fire risk assessments, safety records and emergency procedures may also be read during the assessment.

Within a week of the assessment you will receive a written report, including recommendations, concerns or areas for improvement. The report can be used to help you and others understand the fire risk to your business, along with evacuation routes, fire alarms and signage.

Photographs will form part of the report so you know exactly what the assessor saw during their visit.

Enquire Now

For more information email or call 01455 203 600.


Clinical Reflexology

As much as we can’t wait to welcome you back into the reflexology treatment room, we’re not quite ready to open it up again. We working to make sure everything at our offices is COVID-Secure and provides a safe, welcoming and relaxing environment for visitors. As soon as we open the treatment room up again we will let you know.

Reflexology for Health and Wellbeing

As part of our commitment to supporting and encouraging health and wellbeing within the workplace, we offer clinical reflexology treatments in our purpose-built therapy room in Lutterworth.

At Browns Health & Safety treatments are delivered by our trained therapist Mandy. Mandy holds a level 5 Mastership in Clinical Reflexology, the highest level of reflexology training currently available in the UK, so you can be sure you’re in safe and qualified hands.

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a complementary therapy involving the feet, hands face or ears.

It works on the theory that there is a map of reflex points that correspond to all parts of the body, its organs and systems. By stimulating these reflex points, natural healing responses can be prompted in the corresponding areas of the body, helping to restore balance and improve well-being.

Why reflexology?

Reflexology treatments are beneficial as a one-off treatment or for on-going wellbeing.

With the increasing stresses of modern life it is becoming more important than ever to allow the mind and body to relax. A calm and relaxing environment that stimulates natural healing responses will give the body the opportunity to recover.

For many people, reflexology encourages a state of deep relaxation, helping to reduce stress and improve circulation and even enhance sleep.

What happens during a treatment?

At Browns, treatments are delivered in a comfortable reclining chair in a relaxing environment with soft lighting and gentle music. After you remove your shoes and socks, our therapist uses fingers and thumbs and an appropriate level of pressure to work the reflex points on your feet. The treatment should not be painful, but some areas of the feet may feel tender when pressed.

How long does it last?

Your first full treatment is between 75 and 90 minutes, including a consultation.

Follow-up treatments are 50 to 60 minutes.

One-off taster sessions of 20 to 30 minutes are also available.


Full Treatment: £48.00 per treatment (inc VAT)

Discount package: £192.00 for 5 treatments (inc VAT) to be taken within a 6 month period

Taster session: £24.00 (inc VAT)

All prices include VAT. Treatment bookings are payable in advance.

For more information email or call 01455 203603.

Portrait Of Female Tutor With Safety Glasses Teaching Auto Mechanic Apprenticeship At College


Accredited & In-house Courses

Our trainers have decades of hands-on experience in their chosen fields so know what it’s like putting training into practice.

We run a host of accredited and in-house courses to help further and maintain health and safety knowledge. All of our open courses are held in our COVID-Secure training room in Lutterworth, where you can expect a warm welcome, refreshments throughout the day and a friendly trainer.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the training course calendar and have a group you’d like to train, let us know as we’d love to help you and your team.

Prices include all course materials, registrations and certificates.

Two Disinfection Workers Shaking Hands

Face Fit Testing

We are continuing to offer Face Fit testing for half and disposable masks and have introduced additional safety measures to ensure tests can be completed safely. Consultants are provided with appropriate PPE, including face visors, additional hand sanitiser and will ensure testing hoods are thoroughly cleaned between each test.

Fit2Fit Trained Face Fit Testing

Our consultants Karen and Ilona are Fit2Fit trained face fit testers able to complete qualitative fit tests, suitable for disposable and half masks. They can complete face fit tests for people across a range of industries either at our offices in Lutterworth or on site.

What is a Face Fit Test?

A face fit test ensures that your mask fits and provides the protection it is designed to.

It applies to the make, type, and size of mask tested.

Who needs one?

Anyone required to wear a tight-fitting face mask for protection at work. Any mask provided by an employer needs to be tested: one size doesn’t fit all.

It is important to have a new test if the make, type or size of the mask changes.

What happens during the test?

During the 20 to 30 minute test you will be asked to:

  • Wear a face fit hood over your mask
  • Identify whether you can taste a substance in the air
  • Complete several 60-second exercises to ensure the mask works

After successful completion of the test, we will provide you with a fit test record.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring your mask; we can’t provide alternatives.

If you wear safety goggles or a hard hat for work, we advise you to bring that too so we can make sure they don’t alter the fit of the mask.

We can only fit test people who are clean shaven as facial hair impacts the fitting of disposable and half masks.

Please only drink water before your test as strong tastes will impact the accuracy.

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For more information, email  or call 01455 203 600.