Raising Awareness for World Suicide Prevention Day - Free Reflexology in Lutterworth

On Tuesday 10th September 2019 (World Suicide Prevention Day) we are offering 3 reflexology treatments - completely free of charge. The appointments will be allocated to the first 3 people who call to book and will be delivered at our treatment room in Lutterworth.

Reflexology helps relieve tension, stress and has been shown to significantly reduce anxiety. We are all becoming aware of the need to remove discrimination and stigma surrounding mental health issues. In male dominated working environments, such as construction, suicide rates are notoriously high. Sometimes talking about mental health can be difficult, but if you know someone who you feel may benefit from this complementary treatment, please share this post with them.

Reflexology is for everyone, guys - give it a go!

To enquire or book, please call Mandy on 01455 203603

For more information about our reflexology services, please see the Clinical Reflexology page on our website.

Watch this space - more offers coming soon.