SPA Core Construction (for CSCS applications)

  • Organising for Safety (Understanding legal responsibilities, enforcing authorities, hazard identification and control)
  • The Workplace (Safe place of work, safe behaviour, hidden and specific hazards including working at height, asbestos, confined spaces and permit to work
  • Tools, Plant and Machinery
  • Health (Risks and controls for substances hazardous to health)
  • Procedures (Need and benefits)
  • The Environment (Safe storage and waste control)

Multiple Choice Assessment

1 Day

On completion of the course, delegates will have the knowledge to:

  • Demonstrate their understanding of the subjects by successfully completing an assessment paper
  • Appreciate how they personally can influence good standards within health, safety & the environment
  • Understand the value of risk assessment and have the knowledge to recognise when change to a generic assessment is required
  • Understand the common hazards associated with work


SPA Core Construction (CSCS) passport

Course Overview

Under the CSCS card scheme, anyone wishing to apply for a CSCS Labourers Green Card must first attend a level 1 Health & Safety in a construction environment course.

This course is offered to satisfy that requirement. On successful completion, a certificate is issued which can then be submitted when applying for the CSCS Green Card.

Cost: £130 plus VAT

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