CDM Awareness

  • Background to the CDM Regulations
  • Where CDM applies and does not apply
  • Notification of CDM Projects
  • Roles and responsibilities under CDM: The client, The Designer, The CDM Advisor, Principal Contractor, Contractors
  • Contents of Health and Safety Plans and File
  • Construction Site Safety Requirements

Short multiple choice assessment

Half Day

Upon completion of the course, delegates should:

  • Possess an improved knowledge of the legal requirements contained within the CDM Regulations
  • Understand the background to the regulations and the expectations of the HSE
  • Have a better understanding of the problems faced by various parties involved in the CDM process
  • Have an appreciation of the roles and responsibilities of the clients, CDM Advisor, Designers, Principal Contractors, Contractors and Sub Contractors
  • Be able to develop Health and Safety Plans and Files
  • Be able to assess the competence of contractors and other parties


Certificate of Attendance

Course Overview

This course provides delegates with a good, or updated knowledge of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.
The course is devoted entirely to the requirements and background of the CDM Regulations, including the roles and responsibilities of the client, Designer, CDM Advisor, Principal contractor and Sub-contractors and the contents of the Health and Safety Plans and Files.
Delegates are encouraged during the course to critically analyse their own practices in terms of compliance with the CDM Regulations and code of practice and guidance.

Cost: £60 plus VAT

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