We are continuing to offer Face Fit testing for half and disposable masks and have introduced additional safety measures to ensure tests can be completed safely. Consultants are provided with appropriate PPE, including face visors, additional hand santiser and will ensure testing hoods are thoroughly cleaned between each test.

Qualitative Face Fit Testing of Disposable Masks and Half Masks

UK employees who wear tight-fitting respiratory protective equipment (RPE), should have a certificate to prove that the protective equipment they are using fits them correctly and is protecting them effectively for the task they are performing.

Any RPE that is issued by an employer must be fit tested to ensure it is providing protection.

As people come in all sorts of shapes and sizes it is unlikely that one particular type or mask will fit everyone.

Our consultants Karen and Ilona are qualified to carry out qualitative Face Fit Testing to meet the
requirements of the HSE OC 282/28 document. Qualitative testing can only be completed for half-masks.

Each person is tested using a qualitative test kit, with each individual then being awarded a fit test record for
the mask type used in the test (subject to a successful testing and a positive test result). This can then be kept to confirm a test has been completed.

It is important to ensure that a new test is completed if the make, type or size of the mask is changed.

If you have any queries about Face Fit testing, or wish to find out more, please call 01455 203600 or email: