SPA MPQC Core and Mineral Products (Core and Quarry)

On successful completion of the safety passport course contractors will:
  • have an understanding of how accidents are caused and how they can be prevented
  • understand the importance of maintaining plant and equipment in good condition
  • have an improved ability to recognise site hazards
  • have a basic knowledge of the principles of safe systems of work and permits to work
  • on successful completion gain a nationally-recognised qualification
  • have a basic knowledge of health and safety law as it applies to them
  • understand their personal responsibilities for safety at work
  • be able to identify and correct unsafe behaviours
  • have an improved understanding of the purpose, use and care of personal protective equipment
  • have an understanding of safe driving behaviour, including safe reversing
  • understand the requirement for suitable and sufficient risk assessment
  • be aware of specific hazards and how the risks from them can be controlled

Multiple choice questions

2 Day Course

Ensures that delegates obtain a good basic knowledge of attending and working on a quarry or mining site.


MPQC Level 2 Award in Understanding Safe Working for Contractors in Extractives and Building Products Industries Sites (QCF) Safety Pass Alliance

Course Overview

The Quarry Safety Passport has been designed by MPQC and Safety Pass Alliance Scheme (SPA) for any contractor who operates within the extractives, processing and related manufacturing industries.

The Safety Passport course is a 2 day course covering health and safety awareness and industry specific hazard and safety awareness relevant to the quarrying industries.

On successful completion of the course, delegates will receive a credit card style “Safety Passport” valid for 3 years to prove that they have the required basic health, safety and environmental knowledge to allow them to work safely on relevant industry sites. The course also provides all successful contractors, for the first time, with a nationally recognised qualification.

SPA MPQC passports must be renewed before the expiry date on the passport card.



Cost: £290.00 plus VAT

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SPA MPQC Mineral Products (Core & Quarry) Renewal

  • A summary of the SPA Core & Quarry Sector Days

Multiple Choice Questions

1 Day Course
9:00am to 4:00pm

Refresh knowledge obtained from the Core Day and the Quarry Day.

Valid Core & Sector Day Qualifications

SPA/MPQC Passport

Course Overview

The Renewal day is designed for those who currently hold a valid SPA MPQC Core & Mineral Products passport and wish to renew it.

Cardholders wishing to renew must attend the renewal course before the expiry date on their current passport card.

Cost: £180.00 plus VAT

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